Helping Customers Maximize Value




After many years of collective experience managing software projects of all types and sizes in Silicon Valley, we came to the conclusion that there is a pressing need for services that offer reasonable prices to the customer, while still allowing for close and frequent interaction with the teams on the ground to enable integrated teams that can accomplish true agile development.
This is difficult, if not impossible to accomplish when

dealing with distributed teams that are operating distantly and across many time zones. Rightsource was born from the realization that there should be a better way.

We offer an alternative to the typical offshore operation by clearly understanding the client needs and intent, and assembling custom teams to optimally meet such needs while being “closer to home”.

Our teams specialize in high - touch engagements, which decrease risk and enable accelerated development. We have a large pool of seasoned technical and functional resources, many of which are certified in traditional or agile development methodologies, as well as broader frameworks such as RUP and ITIL. We have a deep commitment to and understanding of a process-based approach, and can help determine the best path for a given project or long term initiative, as well as lead the effort from inception through completion.